A word on Photoshop :-)

Okay, girlies!

Here’s a quickie run down for ya, because I know one of the first questions I always get asked is: “Do you do retouching?”

And the answer is:


Read on…!



Photoshop can help/ fix the following:

-that bruise you got running into the kitchen table
-that one stubborn pimple that’s been hanging around all week
-those frown lines handed down from your mother
-the stretch marks your beautiful baby boy gifted you
-those dark circles under your eyes from staying up the night before
because you were SO Excited about your shoot!;-)

No, Photoshop probably won’t make us look like Victoria’s Secret models, but it WILL make us look like our freshest, brightest, most gorgeous selves! So, don’t be afraid to show your tummy/ bum/ arms/ etc!  We are going to try all different poses, some you may cringe at the thought of. Don’t worry, YOU have final veto over any shot! No one has to see those but You and Me.

But you may be pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous you look:)

Here’s a couple examples (Madonna & Britney Spears) to show you what a fabulous tool photoshop can be!!

Seeeeeeee??  We all need a little help!  ;-)



THOMPSON PERANGINANGIN - March 23, 2012 - 6:49 pm

I like photoshop

Thanks & Rgds

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