Boudoir Photography – Gorgeous A

I’m so grateful for what this year has brought me professionally:

A successful photography business, gorgeous models who have become friends, and a creative outlet that feeds my spirit.

Each shoot is sooo unique, and each comes with it’s own anecdote! This is one of my favorites to recount, as it could have easily turned to disaster!

Gorgeous A brought her hubby-to-be’s dirt bike along for a shot (she had one of his friends tie it in the truck for her).

Well… said friend was not there to help us unload the bike (which actually ended up being the easy part; re-loading on the truck was the fun part!)

Seriously- have you ever held/ pushed dirt bike?? They’re HEAVY!!

So picture the two of us (one in a bikini), as the sun is about to set on us…

Getting a running start up the ramp to load the bike into the tallest truck I’ve ever seen!

It very easily could have been disaster, but we got it on our second try!

(And managed to figure out how the straps worked. I’m proud to say she made it all the way home -and hour and a half- without incident!)

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