Bridal Boudoir – Eye Candy Friday!

I’m putting on my very first Wedding Show in a couple weeks (it’s the Southern Bridal Faire, if any of you gals are interested in more details!)…

and my head is literally swimming with wedding visions.

I absolutely love weddings: going to them, planning them (well, I’ve only planned my own, but this Bridal Faire sure does feel like I’m planning another  ;-))…

Now that I have my own Boudoir photography business, Bridal Boudoir has become a big part of my life.

I cannot tell you how exciting it is knowing that this gift is going to be a part of their Wedding Day memories, something they can look back on together. Not to mention tying in fun parts of the wedding: the garter, bouquet, wedding night lingerie!!

Anyway, I just thought today would be fun to share this video from Tracey Dee Photography… a little Bridal Boudoir:-)



PS- Here’s the flyer for the Southern Bridal Show… hope to see y’all there!  :-)

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