Gorgeous H- Sneak Peek!

Gorgeous H just got married not long ago, but she wanted a gift for her Hubby to celebrate their dating anniversary (4 years, to be exact!)…  Well, Hubby has just bought himself a brand spankin’ new CHALLENGER, whom he affectionately calls Lucy- short for Lucifer.  H thought it would super awesome to do a photoshoot with his new, blacked-out Challenger as a prop.  I said PROP.  hehehe.

This is an actual conversation that took place the day of the photoshoot between myself and C, the fella who delivered the car to the site:

Me: Yah, pull the car right over there on the asphalt.

C: OK!

(five minutes later, after driving car to said spot)

C: Ummmm… if I park it there, the light’s behind it, and you can’t really see the detail on the car…

Me: This isn’t about the CAR, C…!

MEN! Haha!  Anyway, enjoy these; lots more to come!


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