Scouted – Eye Candy Friday!

My new favorite show, SCOUTED!!  Did you ever wonder where supermodels come from??  They weren’t born into that job, right??  Once upon a time, they were awkward, gangly pre teens, looking at models in magazines… then, POOF!

New on the E! channel:

“Follow the personal stories of regular people plucked from obscurity and put to the test in New York’s ultra-competitive, high-fashion, professional modeling industry.”

You may think this is another ‘America’s Next Top Model’ (which I love too, by the way), but it’s a real look into how these newbie models really get their start.

*Side note: When I was 14 years old, I was flown to NYC, my hair was chopped off, and I was thrown into a photoshoot with the top professionals.  Ultimately, I was not signed.  I went back to Florida, finished high school, and thought of it as a super fun experience.  Fast forward a few more years… I make the move to Los Angeles, and work successfully as a model until I decided to settle down and start a family!  The moral of the story: Just because you get turned down by one (or two, or ten) people, doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream!  It just might not be the right place & time.:-)

A snippet of what you’ll see on this first season of Scouted:




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