Sexy Christmas Gifts – Eye Candy Friday!

It’s almost midnight, one week before Christmas, and I’m online shopping my heart out still!  I’ve actually done pretty well gathering gifts for everyone this year, just a few stragglers that I needed to round up… While I was searching around “the internets” (as a certain person in my family likes to call it!), I was curious what would come up if I googled “Sexy Christmas Gifts”.  Amazing what wonders those three little words will pull up in Images  ;-)


Of course, there’s the requisite lingerie and sex toys (shhhhh!), but there’s also some really funny & awesome stuff stuff out there that definitely does NOT scream SEXY!…

Stuff your stockings with these gems…

1. These are pasties, in case you were wondering  ;-)

2. The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex… co-written by one of my favorite actresses (I first discovered her on Flight of the Concords- hilarious!!)


3. Nothing says “sexy” like Frosty on your riding crop!


4. The next two items are listed under “Christmas For the All Alone”. Awesome.

5. Big Sexy hair products… my friend Evan would actually really like this… hmmm…

6. “Hoho” Stockings… Haha.


7. Why, yes it is. (Which means, if you’re reading this, then YOU are sexy- BAM! See how that works?!)


8. Turn her upside down & stick her in your bottle!

9. I’ll let you read the fine print here…


And, finally…

10. Do you think the creators of this game realized it would be such a naughty sport??
Good luck finishing up the rest of your Christmas shopping, everyone!  And remember, it’s not about the amount you spend, it’s most definitely about the ‘thought’.  But if you’re looking to spend a lot of dough, there’s a ton of awesome charities and churches out there that will absolutely CHERISH your donation!  :-)


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