Womanless Beauty Pageant – Eye Candy Friday!

Seriously, what could be better Eye Candy than this lot??

These very brave fellas have put their manhood and pride aside to help Hello Gorgeous raise money for a very dear project.

Through HG, I’ve photographed women of all shapes, sizes, ages… and women that have survived cancer. They’ve had spots removed, lumps tested, mastectomies… It’s a humbling experience, listening to their stories.

I was excited to create a Hello Gorgeous Team this year, to help raise money for the Joy To Life foundation!

Our Womanless Beauty Pageant will raise funds for medically underserved women all over Alabama. For every $100 raised, a woman in our state will get an early detection mammogram that could potentially save their life. You may not know someone who has breast cancer, but chances are in your lifetime, you will.

We would love for you to join us (and send out a few catcalls to the “ladies”)! It’s all good fun for a good cause.

(And Joy and Dickie Blondheim have given us their blessing!)

If you’d like to make a donation to our team, you can do so here:


We hope to see you ALL at the show!!


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